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Join AWC at CryptoWorldCon
April 1st and 2nd

Come Meet Us In Booths 21 & 22

Scan QR Code To Create AWCx Wallet

Lambo Pics

Join us for AWC Lambo Pics at the Main Registration Entrance

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Mad Hatter AR QR Code

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Members of Active World Club get early access to new NFT and Token launches. These ground floor opportunities are great rewards that help build and maintain the crypto lifestyle! 

Active World Exchange-01 (003)_edited.png

a P2P crypto trading exchange that allows Order Book, Market Making and dynamic charting.  The platform also list all AWC tokens for active trading


Provides tokenomics for AWRT including use case, audits and functionality

Active World Club Projects


Amiga Games Inc (AGI) and Active World Club (AWC) have partnered to re-release its mobile classic video games from the late 80’s and 90’s into a huge new Non Fungible Token (NFT) marketplace.

Active World Club-090322-01_edited.png

A disruptive PR distribution platform that lets you pay to send your PR with crypto and track it on the blockchain. This app uses AWRT and its native crypto utility


A one-of-a-kind game app that offers endless excitement at your fingertips! Play solo or challenge a friend on one of over 200 Amiga game titles.

Active World Club-01_edited.png

Our Lazy Minting NFT Platform that focuses on art, music, gaming, and the metaverse. All NFT's can be minted using

AWC Mystery Box-01_edited.png

App utilizes a proprietary randomizer, which allows players who have purchased one of the mystery packages to win NFT’s, CRYPTO , or physical products 

Mad Hatter Society-01 (3)_edited.png

P2P members only sports betting platform the uses AWRT as the native crypto utility

Mad Hatter Society-01_edited.png

AWC VIP Members Only Platform

Casino Style Gaming using AWRT as its native crypto utility


Investment Banking platform that partners with emerging crypto projects

About Active World Club

AWC was formed to serve as a peer-to-peer platform for the facilitation of Defi and NFT projects. The Club is for “invited members only” creating exclusivity by design. Within The Club, there are opportunities for like-minded members to exchange investment thoughts, ideas, and strategies. Members are encouraged to share the discovery of rising artists, burgeoning inventors, small businesses, turn around financial opportunities, relaunches, M&A opportunities and create ways to right social or civil injustices, identify and fund worthy causes and all in one place. All this with the goal of pursuing the “crypto-lifestyle” of exotic cars, boats, planes, and travel. Our mission is to create a platform to decentralize, democratize and demystify finance opportunities through the use of cryptocurrencies.


Our Packages


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